CCTV Checklist

Please use this quick quiz to find out how ready you are for GDPR. Explanations of the questions will be displayed at the end of the quiz.

There are 9 questions

Step 1: Installing a system

1.1 Privacy impact assessment

Your business decided to install CCTV cameras as the best solution to a clearly defined problem. Your business regularly reviews whether CCTV is still the best solution to the problem. Your business has identified and documented the potential impact on individuals’ privacy and taken this into account when installing and operating the system. For example, you have positioned cameras to avoid capturing images of people not visiting your premises.

Step 1: Installing a system

1.2 Registration

Your business has registered its CCTV processing with the Information Commissioners Office(ICO).

Step 2: Management

2.1 Governance

Your business has a policy and/or procedure about the use of CCTV. Your business has nominated an individual who is responsible for the operation of the CCTV system.

Step 2: Management

2.2 Requests for personal data

Your business has established a process to recognise and respond to individuals making requests for copies of their own images and to seek prompt advice from the Information Commissioner where there is uncertainty. Your business does not provide images to third parties other than law enforcement bodies.

Step 2: Management

2.3 Training

Your business trains its staff (to ensure that they have sufficient understanding of how) to operate the CCTV system and cameras (if applicable). Your business trains its staff to recognise requests for CCTV information/images.

Step 3: Operation

3.1 Retention

Your business only retains recorded CCTV images for long enough to allow for any incident to come to light (eg for a theft to be noticed) and to investigate it.

Step 3: Operation

3.2 Data quality

Your business has selected a system which produces high quality, clear images which law enforcement bodies (usually the police) can use to investigate crime. Your business can easily extract these images from the system when required. Your business has sited its CCTV cameras to ensure that they provide clear images. Your business carries out regular checks to ensure that the system is producing high quality images.

Step 3: Operation

3.3 Data security

Your business securely stores CCTV images and limits access to authorised individuals. Your business regularly checks that the CCTV system is working properly.

Step 4: Public awareness and signage

4.1 Fair processing

Your business clearly displays signs showing that CCTV is in operation. Where it is not obvious who is responsible for the system, contact details are displayed on the sign(s). Your business outlines the use of CCTV and its purposes on its website (where applicable).

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